About Me and This Blog

I love to write a poem, but people barely care about poem anymore.

My solution? Making a poem personal for someone- using recipient’s name as the vertical phrase. This is what being called as an ‘Acrostic Poem’ – which according to youngwriters.co.uk:

“…is a type of poetry where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. The most common and simple form of an acrostic poem is where the first letters of each line spell out the word or phrase.”

It does not make everyone suddenly in love with a poem, but it is a better way to spread the art. The recipient will appreciate the most personal form of art, and he/she will spread the joy and the art to other people.

Care to influence too? Contact me and I can teach you how! Make your beloved ones feel appreciated with this most personal form of art. And no, I am not charging a cent for this.


Adrian Siaril