Not acrostic at all ;)

Oh my lovely

Lady with such attitude

Yearning attention from gentlemen

Virtue comes with your presence

Intelligence is your daily gifts

As faith grows stronger day by day


Hope everything gets better in your live

Oh my dream and idol



Red green and blue

Or all the colors in the rainbow

Still you are the brightest of them all

And of all the flavors in the bakery

Nougats, marshmallows, and donuts

None are as sweet as you

And as heartwarming like you do
Quintessence of happiness

In the middle if survival

Nobody and no others can be like you

The Sweetest Wishes

May your life full of joy

And blessed everlasting always

Rising constantly like the eagles

Climbing even the highest obstacle

Every time you throw a smile

Let those around you feel the the blessings

Like table salt on every delicacy

Always bringing the best in others
May you find the one worthy for life

In him let there be the same faith

Carrying a unified goal for the future

Holding strong principles like you do

Eternally bonded by God’s grace

Like two hornbill from down under

Linked furthermore by faith and trust

Embracing the destiny together
May all your wishes come true

Of all things you desire

Never will you have to struggle

In soul and body let there be well being

And good health everyday

Grace be your daily gifts

And finally, happy birthday !


Some meaningful rhymes

Names might be forgotten in seconds

E mails could be meaningless today

Years will sweep the memories we build upon

Still we try to avoid the fray

As we protect our sanity


Just as the world offers judgment

And the moon enlight eternal party

Carry on your heart our moments

Insribed deep inside as a dungeons

Never forget the good times

Deeply bury the hurting ones

As I wish you some wonderful rhymes






The Royal’s Treasure

Q  uiver of everlasting arrows

U  nder the waist of a brave queen

E   mbodiment of her determined spirit

E   mbracing the adventure of tomorrow

N   ame and title bonds the legacy

C   apturing the essence of her charisma

H   ave a stand people,

A   lady of honor is here

C   harm of hope, chain of faith

H   ailing the light among darkness

A   s sun and moon cycles

I    t is her that immobilize the moments

D  ay after day and night after night

Y   ears passed yet the memories remain

S   uddenly space and time unites

A   nd fate runs out of reasons

P   rayers and wishes were heard

U   nity was granted and now steps away

T   ake the best and have a deep breath

R   eady your bow and sharpen your arrows

A   s the adventure has begin again





Crescent of hope and faith

Healer for the weakening world

Rise to your destined place and height

If the mortals ever failed you

Show them the true human’s love

Embrace the fight and trial

Let the light guide your path

Let your inner strength rises

And you will be the agent of change


Pikiran Singkat yang Kebetulan Tersirat (Bilingual)

(Bahasa Version, English below)

Tanpa ketidaksempurnaan, tiada yang sempurna.

Sebab bila tidak ada ketidaksempurnaan, berarti semua orang pun sempurna.

Bila semua orang sempurna, definisi ‘sempurna’ pun kehilangan maknanya.

Kesempurnaan menjadi biasa, dimiliki semua orang dan tidak lagi spesial atau khusus.

Bersyukurlah kita karena setiap dari kita memiliki ketidaksempurnaan,

Yang membuat kita indah dengan caranya sendiri.


Without imperfection, then perfection won’t exists.

Because if there’s no imperfection, then anyone would be perfect.

If everyone’s perfect, it will lost its original meaning.

Perfection became ordinary, everyone has one, and nobody is special anymore.

We should be grateful of imperfection,

Which makes us extraordinary in its own way.