I suddenly remembered about one of my best mates, also one of the most pretty girl I ever met (particularly due to her watery eyes). Her name is Candy. Since I am chewing a candy right now, I am inspired to write a verse about it (or interchangeably, her)

The foxy candy
Oh look the guys in television mocks me pretty much.

Candy was a great secretary during my time as chair committee in MIBT, she relieved me alot during my stress time, but also often gets more stressed than me if the situation is far from controllable. It’s been a long time since I don’t write anymore, so the quality of this post may be as garbage as usual, but I’ll try my best. I will be using the name acronym approach as usual.

G lazed by the sweets
I n the depths of flavor
A masterpiece of perfection
N othing better than a piece of it
I n your tongue it melts
N umbing your buds
A nd nothing better

C reated for happiness
A mplyfing every joy
N imbling your passion
D eep in the heart
Y ou cannot resist it

I f sorrow born
N ever be sunk to it
T ake a piece of candy
A nd go for it
N ever hesitate