Pikiran Singkat yang Kebetulan Tersirat (Bilingual)

(Bahasa Version, English below)

Tanpa ketidaksempurnaan, tiada yang sempurna.

Sebab bila tidak ada ketidaksempurnaan, berarti semua orang pun sempurna.

Bila semua orang sempurna, definisi ‘sempurna’ pun kehilangan maknanya.

Kesempurnaan menjadi biasa, dimiliki semua orang dan tidak lagi spesial atau khusus.

Bersyukurlah kita karena setiap dari kita memiliki ketidaksempurnaan,

Yang membuat kita indah dengan caranya sendiri.


Without imperfection, then perfection won’t exists.

Because if there’s no imperfection, then anyone would be perfect.

If everyone’s perfect, it will lost its original meaning.

Perfection became ordinary, everyone has one, and nobody is special anymore.

We should be grateful of imperfection,

Which makes us extraordinary in its own way.


Gombalan Bulan ini

V isualisation of perfection was mere imagination
I mpossible beyond any mind’s extension
C raving for it was mere invitation for depression
T hough it changed the day I knew you
O pen a new chapter beyond nexion
R evealing bonds of dreams and fairytales
I t is yiu, and none others
A iring through dimension of joy and love

L et the spectrum jolt their excitement
E very bit, dot, and chip
V irtually impossible, it has came to realization
I nfinite would be the amount of happiness
N ow let the trance wavers
A s we fall deep to the dreams