Reprise, from 2009

Great nature finally has fallen

An unstoppable force of destruction

Betrayed the trust that has been given

Raiding to the very end,

It left nothing to stand

Everyone’s fear were at our land

Lights were mere imagination

Love has committed treason

And no one can make any reason

A long time after then, falls the rain

Greeting the broken remains

N obody has forgotten the pain

E very attempt was a vain

S o long, it hasn’t end

N ow that the sun finally shines

A friend came from behind

T rying to put an end

H ealing the pain

A nd refreshed the mind

N ow it has begun

I t’s a sign of a win

A force from the wind


You are my garden

Roses are red
Violets are blue
They are so overused
So they’re not for you

But lilies are white
And daisies got lot of petals
That’s right
You are special

Your face pretty as roses
Your treatment romantic as austin
Your self loveable as tulips
and your sense sharp as fosteriana

Your hair just like kaufmanniana – they look great with it’s beautiful bloom
Your smile as charming as orchids – feeding happiness to those who see it
Your attitude is nice, like a great aeration of vandas

Your love warms everybody who feel it – as warm as the fragnance of miltonia

When other girls be pretty by their makeups, yours is natural as cattelya

Your two eyes are like sasha spreading its two-layer petal
You are simply rare – hard to find as carnations

They said that flowers won’t be complete without a bunch of daisy, so does my life will be incomplete without you

I’m not a florist, nor a nature activist, nor a gardener

But i’m stocking your love like a florist stocking up their shops
I’m craving for your love like an activist researching their speciments
And I always work hard to reach you like a gardener in the garden

Angel exists


She made this for me. One day, I will meet her and get it.