So Long, Hong Kong

I came to the place to be

Without knowing what I gonna be

Heartbroken of distance

A number it should be

Second day of the first

Third back of the first

The second of first

Some numbers playing bee


Your paradise gazed onto me

Your breeze soothe the drifting dust

With waves of healing in the ponds


Your lights dashed in the night drive

Trembing through clouds

Diving through waves

You are the island of happiness

The anti of dizziness

Through you I was refreshed

In you I save my trust

Then I stepped away

Running from your borders

Sitting in  Kennedy Town highway

To see yourself against me

You hid yourself from me

Showing the void you had

It was all blank and vapid

Like the sands in your sea

Then the speed revealed

You are not a place for me

I depart in haste

To refuge in Sha Tin

Time became costly

Breath became heavy

In central I strive to live

To find a place called home

I take my chance in Kennedy Town

Where the height outruns the sun

Where the roads bliss in your eyes

Where the curves glide in your mind




I suddenly remembered about one of my best mates, also one of the most pretty girl I ever met (particularly due to her watery eyes). Her name is Candy. Since I am chewing a candy right now, I am inspired to write a verse about it (or interchangeably, her)

The foxy candy
Oh look the guys in television mocks me pretty much.

Candy was a great secretary during my time as chair committee in MIBT, she relieved me alot during my stress time, but also often gets more stressed than me if the situation is far from controllable. It’s been a long time since I don’t write anymore, so the quality of this post may be as garbage as usual, but I’ll try my best. I will be using the name acronym approach as usual.

G lazed by the sweets
I n the depths of flavor
A masterpiece of perfection
N othing better than a piece of it
I n your tongue it melts
N umbing your buds
A nd nothing better

C reated for happiness
A mplyfing every joy
N imbling your passion
D eep in the heart
Y ou cannot resist it

I f sorrow born
N ever be sunk to it
T ake a piece of candy
A nd go for it
N ever hesitate


We have known each other for 4 months till now

Our first meeting was no more than 40 seconds

Our first date was just around 4 minutes

Our second date was no even more than 14 minutes

There was 4 double posts when we walled each other for the first time

14 June was the time that I got your bbm Pin

The first time I told bout my feelings, was 4 July

There was only 4 people who know what I said that night : me, you, Agnes, and God

It took me 4 hours just to find your address

But 4 friends helped me well : Alvinia, Novina, Helena, and Selviana

Actually I arrived at your home in 4 minutes from my position that time

Now that we’ve been in relationship for 4 weeks

I know that I’ll marry you in less than 14 years

From that time

We’ll be together for more than 40 years !!




Inilah si raja telor
Yang dahulu tukang bor
Uangnya sudah tekor
Kerjanya cuma molor

Ia ingin beli motor
Malah dimakan aligator
Hingga sisa kolor
Yang terbakar oleh kalor

kontribusi : Alvin Daniswara



Ini mantannya Melati
Namanya Jatu Jati
Bapaknya seorang pedati
Ibunya pencuri hati

Sifatnya tiada bakti
Hidupnya tanpa arti
Sudah minta cuti
Malah curi roti

Ia ribut dengan senopati
untuk curi keris sakti
Hingga ditusuk belati
dan masuk ke peti

kontribusi : Alvin Daniswara


Botak lawan Kotak

Serentak kita teriak
Teriak sampai serak
Serak keluar reak

Lihat kontak botak dan kotak
Serempak jitak palak
Si botak lempar kotak
Si kotak balas dengan katak
Si botak jitak palak kotak
Si kotak panggil orang batak

Kita lanjut minum arak
Lagi botak makan salak
Telak-telak biji salak
Botak jitak palak batak
Batak keselak biji salak
Hingga serak hati si kotak
Karna rambut jadi pitak


tentang Reinat

Reinat memang keparat
Wajahnya penuh jerawat
Badannya kelewat berat
Sifatnya buaya darat
Dipenuhi oleh hasrat

Bapaknya tukang kawat
Ibunya seorang pegulat
Jadilah anaknya gawat

Hidupnya kelewat melarat
Makanannnya kutu bangsat
Sampai kulitnya  berkarat
Karna kawin sama perawat

Ia musuh bapak Arsat
Karena kalah adu silat
Hingga bercumbu dengan lalat
Dan mati di barat

Lelah sudah berdebat
Tak pernah mau diralat
Dia orang jahat
Dirinya takkan selamat
Dari hukum keramat